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Jasper for Douglas

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This is a gorgeous banded Jasper, A layered Jasper ( most are veined) typically with purple and cream/yellow tones.

She was collected by us on our local beach near our family land on the South Island's West Coast.

Stone: New Zealand Jasper

Size : 5cm x 3cm

Bound on Wax polyester extendable cord

Jasper/Banded Jasper

An opaque stone with a matte finish, jasper is a variety of chalcedony that can appear in a number of colours, though it is most often red, brown or purple. We frequently work with a type of jasper known as dalmatian jasper due to its spotted appearance. A unique presentation of the stone, our jasper is collected from the creek on our family land and thus carries extra significance for us as carvers.

A healing stone, jasper is considered a powerful protection aid and one that confers grounding, stability and strength upon its wearer.

*Please remember that all of our NZ stones are a Natural product of the earth. Take care not to drop or knock them on hard surfaces as they will break.

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